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28 abril, 2016

Sondors THIN bicicleta eléctrica

Reserve Now Pay Later UpdateIf you contributed to the Reserve Now perk, you will receive an email shortly with details on how to pay the remaining cost of your Sondors THIN. Keep an eye out for this email as it contains important information specifically for your order! Manufacturing UpdateEverything is looking great! Here is a look at the cavity and core sides for the battery case tooling. Not to be confused with the battery box which we posted about last week and is also triangle-shaped. Our manufacturing timeline is going according to schedule and we can't wait to get these Sondors THINs in your hands and out on the road!
7 abril, 2016

Thu Apr 07 ’16 Announcement from Sondors THIN Electric Bike

LAST DAY to Order the THIN LCD DisplayUnlock the full potential of your Sondors THIN with the LCD Display! ORDER NOW More Assist Levels! Without the LCD Display, you only have access to one assist level, but with it, you unlock 5! Need a little help getting up that hill? You can easily drop down a gear or two for extra pedal assist.Increase Speed! With the LCD Display, you can go beyond 20 mph!Increase Range! You are now able to determine the amount of pedal assist you need so you can get every bit of range possible.Get Rid of Range Anxiety! The LCD Display shows your battery level so now you know exactly how much battery you have left.Odometer! Know exactly how far you’ve travelled!Thermometer! Get a reading of current outside temperature. Order Your Sondors THIN LCD Display Here SONDORS THIN Battery Development UpdateWe are very pleased with how the Sondors THIN battery is turning out, we want to share some development updates of the test shots and engineering pilot samples, these ar..
31 marzo, 2016

Thu Mar 31 ’16 Announcement from Sondors THIN Electric Bike

Good news SONDORS Community! We're testing out the first preproduction SONDORS THIN and everything is on schedule and going very well. Here's a quick video:
18 marzo, 2016

Fri Mar 18 ’16 Announcement from Sondors THIN Electric Bike

**IMPORTANT** If you selected the Reserve Now/Pay Later Perk, then you must submit your color selection by Sunday via this Survey Monkey. If the link above does not work, please copy and past the below link into your browser: It is very important we receive this info by Sunday or your order may not be produced or a Standard BLACK SONDORS THIN eBike will be selected for you.